Goddess Power Wednesday!

The first Goddess who has come forth to offer you special power messages is Lakshmi.
Her empowerment Message for you: When the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi comes to visit, she heralds a celebration of your purpose, wisdom, and compassionate prosperity. All your experience and all your skills are rich with meaning and purpose. As a result, you can expect to see evidence of this wealth in the world around you. You have the ability right now to create great success in your life, and what you have to offer has exalted value. The Goddess of luck and prosperity says its time to share your good gortune with others, and she will show you how it multiplies when you apply gratitude, praise and a commitment to serve. If it's material success you intend, you shall co-create it. If it's a rich relationship life you will attract and develop it. You are a magnet for miracles. Nothing is out of reach when the Goddess Lakshmi comes calling.

Lakshmi's alignment message for you: Have you ever fallen prey to the idea that someone else's success or happiness means there will be less for you? Or perhaps you think someone else's success or happiness means there will be less for you? You might not be conscious of this, but you feel that there is not enough to go around - not enough love or money. You worry about growing old, missing out and struggling for the resources you misperceive as limited. You might also feel miserly, stingy and afraid to share in case there will be nothing left. Goddess Laksmhi says this kind of thinking must go if you want to live a rich and vibrant life! Your alignment task is to stop and be mindful of the direction of your thoughts and reframe them to focus on what you truly intend. Repeat this mantra, "What is mine will not go past me!" When you feel the green gremlin of envy creep into your heart, bless the other person and say, "That which I desire is also for me!" Your true limitations are only what you set for yourself. Don't let your conditioned mind and faulty beliefs rule your life. Break free. The world is unlimited if you let yourself open up to the wealth of your imagination.

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