Special 11.11.11 ceremony + Reading

I will be performing the ceremony’s during November

Next Ceremony dates are 17th and 24th November at 11pm (UK time) I only have limited spaces for each so reserve your place now.

November is a special month because it holds the vibration of the number 11. In numerology, 11 is a master number that is associated with higher realms, divinity, and spiritual awakenings, Twin flame manifestation , love/relationships.

This powerful energy believed to be held in the number 11 is what makes this month so special, especially when it comes to tapping into spirituality and spiritual planes.

All through November , we can tap into this higher vibration and access Divine realms with greater ease.

What would you most like to manifest into your existance?
Love old or new? , money? , promotions, new job anything is possible.
And November is the month to do it!

All through November I am offering a manifestation ceremony and will be using my energy with the help from the universe and spiritual plane to bring about your desires.
Call it a ritual/spell and energy healing all in one.

I will use my very own powerful rituals using my own bespoke potions and handmade candles along with my crystals to melt away negativity and surround you with the positive energy’s that can see you thrive to your fullest.

You will also receive your own bespoke ritual to perform yourself and a reading on any subject.

*For Entertainment purposes only

*I do not read on Health, pregnancy or legal matters.