❤Heart Chakra Healing-Revive Lost Love

❤Get your Love groove back! Revive lost love or marriage.
Make him crazy with desire for you again.
Is your Love Life going nowhere? Feel like it is stagnant, no progress? You and/or your Lover may have a blocked Chakra. No matter how many spells or readings you do, nothing will change unless you clear these blocks.

I will scan his AURA and yours to identify Chakra blocks and imbalances.
Chakra issues cause all sorts of emotional and physical manifestations such as: inability to express yourself to your partner, unable to communicate your needs, fear of speaking up or saying the truth, reproductive system imbalances, digestive problems, blocked intuition, brain fogginess, low self esteem etc.... The list can go on and on.

Feel better, enjoy life by clearing it up today!

Allow positive energy and Love energy to be drawn to you!!! ...not repelled

We cannot guarantee results for this or any healing, rituals, ceremonies or charms