The full Sturgeon moon this week is a perfect energy to gain clarity on situations in your life and also to release the energies that no longer serve you! The full moon allows you to clear what you no longer need in your life also.

I will ask what needs to be cleared from your life to make way for new and more positive energy to enter and will then give you feedback on what happens during this ritual. I will also use sage and sound bowl energy to cleanse your aura and then will do a three-card reading to give you some insight on the way forward.

I will carry this out on SUNDAY AUGUST 18 and then prepare your Reading - but as I can only carry out a few ceremonies I am taking pre-bookings for this so I can be ready to do this. Your Reading will he sent a day or two after this work so I can read after the energy has settled down for you.

Be ready for the new to come in and allow yourself to be free of past ties.

Looking forward to doing these...