Is this love? Is he/she genuine or is he/she a scammer?

Gather round, dear seekers of truth, for the veils between the realms thin and the whispers of fate beckon us forth.

In this sacred space, we delve deep into the mysteries of the heart, seeking answers to the age-old question: Is this love?

But beware, for amidst the tender tendrils of affection,
there might lurk the shadow of deceit.
Shall we uncover the genuine flames of passion,
or shall we expose the treacherous machinations of a cunning heart?

With ancient wisdom and seer's sight, tarot, runes and romance angel oracle, we embark on a journey through the ethereal realms, seeking clarity amidst the fog of uncertainty.

Thus, let the reading commence, and may the light of truth guide us through the labyrinth of love's enigma.

Cosmic Blessings
Madame Destiny