CHAKRA Realignment Focused SPELL CASTING: HEALING Spell Work!

CHAKRA Realignment Focused SPELL CASTING: HEALING Spell Work!

Internal & external healing with RESULTS!

A life changing & life impacting Chakra Focused Realignment Spell work service. Deep. Magic. Healing.

Offering you the chance to realign yourself and your life today!
Heal, replenish, cure and rejuvenate yourself, internally and externally now, with this Chakra Focused Realignment Spell Casting Service. Giving you the ability to choose which chakra you want to pay attention to and focus on in order to receive deep, visible and internally noticeable results!

Heal one or all of your 7 chakras today!

How it works:

1) Upon purchase, please choose which of the following focused chakras you would like to concentrate on today:
Root Chakra: 1st - Survival (I am)
Sacral Chakra: 2nd - Creativity (I feel)
Solar Plexus Chakra: 3rd - Power (I act)
Heart Chakra: 4th - Compassion (I love)
Throat Chakra: 5th - Communication (I express)
Third Eye Chakra: 6th - Imagination (I see)
Crown Chakra: 7th - Knowledge (I remember)

2) Once your selection has been chosen and sent to me via eMystics messages, your focused, healing spell casting chakra service will begin.

3) After the spell has been set and cast, you shall receive confirmation that the spell has been done, along with how you personally, are going to start to see and feel this impacting and changing yourself, your internal and external being and life, for the better!

4) If you would like for me to send your confirmation to a specific email, please let me know, as this will be sent to your eMystics messages if not specified.

With this spell casting service. This will enable for your chosen chakra to draw out and call upon its true potentials and properties, within yourself. Thus making you more positively awake, aware, alert and impacted in one of the seven fields. Enabling you to propel, push forward and project in that given sector as you move forward with yourself & your life.

In need of a reboot and kick start to one of your seven chakras? Feeling blocked creativity, spiritually? Or maybe even mentally and physically? Then look no further than my focused Chakra Realignment Spell Casting Service, offering you the ability to tune in deep and heal yourself from the inside out with the magic of spell work and chakra realignment practise.

Please note this is NOT a physical delivery and is a digital delivery in which a confirmation will be sent to you directly via eMystics messages or email.