Speciality CLEAR QUARTZ Clarity Spell & Healing Reading!

Speciality CLEAR QUARTZ Clarity Spell & Healing Reading!

Special Offer: Spell & HEALING Reading COMBO!

Clarity Gaining Spell + Deep Healing Reading on your situation!

A specifically focused healing reading based around and for all the Seven Chakras and Clear Quartz! Combined with a unique and specialist Clarity Gaining Spell to enable you to obtain clear vision, deep insight and understanding on what you are needing or going through. Bringing a fresh start and new beginning into your realm and future ahead!

This will entail and enable for me to read your very own personal and specific situation, with my Clear Quartz, that you are going through and want to share for this reading.
For this reading, it can include anything that you feel you need to gain clarity into, whether that be direction as to where you want to go when it comes to your personal or professional realms, can cover any and all aspects. Looking to gain insight and understanding into a specific person of situation in your life now? Then look no further, I am here to help you today, no matter how hard, we will work through this together, for you.
Combined with the Clarity Spell this will reawaken and realign all 7 chakras, bringing forward a new perception, new vision and new opportunities ahead.

How it works:

1) For this reading, please share with me your personal matter, struggle or any situation that you are needing guidance to now when it comes to matters of the mind, decision making and knowing where to turn and what to do. This can be based upon and about anything, for example, whether to trust a person, leave or start a new job etc.
Along with your spell intentions!

2) I will then begin to tune in for you, using my Clear Quartz crystals channelling what I am getting through for you, seeing coming in and defining resolution and direction.
As well as sending you over your spells confirmation once this has been cast with the reading.

3) This will then be sent to you directly via eMystics messages unless an email has been specified.

Please note: this is NOT a physical delivery and is a digital delivery in which will be sent to you via eMystics messages unless an email is specified.