PREMIUM HEALING Spell Casting: Focused Spells on Health/Healing

PREMIUM HEALING Spell Casting: Focused Spells on Health/Healing

In need of deep healing in your life? Be that for you or another in your realm. Are you looking for healing your emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual health? Then look no further than this all inclusive special Premium Healing Spell! Giving you the chance to choose and focus on your very own aspect of healing and health to cleanse, heal and protect your specific needs and wants!

Just let me know your Love Spell Intention upon purchase!

Some examples are but not limited to:
- Healing Heart Spell (can be for yourself or another, please just specify)
- Health & Well Being Spell
- Emotional Healing Spell
- Overcoming Past Trauma Spell
- Letting go of Emotional Baggage Spell
- Heartbreak Cleansing Spell
- Mental Health Healing Spell
- Physical Healing Spell (details of illness, ailment, disease etc can be given)
- Psycological Uplift Spell
- Energy Releasement Spell

& so many more. The choice is truly yours.

How it works:

1) Upon purchase please send me over what the intention of your healing spell is: this can be on different and varying subjects in regards to healing and/or health of your choice, for yourself or another. The choice is yours!

2) If you would like for me to send you your spell confirmation to an email address instead of eMystics messages then please leave me that specified address upon purchase.

3) I will then prepare and commence your personalised and tailored healing spell and will send you over confirmation that the spell have been cast via eMystics messages or your stated email address.

Please note: this is NOT a physical delivery and is a digital delivery in which a confirmation email will be sent directly to you via eMystics messages or your chosen email if specified.