audio love message reading + candle love ritual

I have created a collection of audio readings using tarot / oracle and my divine whispers love messages cards (which are my own card creation )
where I have channelled love messages from the divine masculine collective.

This is NOT a personal reading

This is simply me sending you the PRE-RECORDED audio reading from my collection. It's not a personal reading. For this reason, please don't send me questions. If you like, you can think of a question in your mind as you purchase the Love Message Audio and the audio will answer your question.
Please state your email address when ordering the reading and please enter number between 1 and 10 and I will choose "at random" one of my highly detailed audio love messages and email it to you, this audio will be the messages you need to hear at this time and an insight to your love interests Energy.

Each audio reading is between 15-20 minutes in length.

These love message audios go into a lot of detail and can really provide profound insights for you.

Please allow upto 24 hours for me to email the reading to you

You will also be sent along one of my powerful crystal candle love ritual and chant which you can perform yourself to help bring in your love closer to you, become aligned with eachother and help inner healing.

Love and light Venus
*For entertainment purposes only

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