Rose Angel

Blessings to You.

My spiritual name is Rose Angel. I am an intuitive psychic reader that is tuned into the Angelic Realm. I discovered my gift as a small child and was bullied at school for this and called a witch. As a result I hid my gift for many years, until just before a life changing event, the angels guided me to rediscover working with them to help others like yourself.

I am also a trained Angelic Reiki healer and also work with crystals in my readings. I also make crystal healing jewellery which I infuse with angelic reiki energy in the jewellery I make for people as amulets for protection and also with purposeful intentions for the wearer. Some of my clients have included well know celebrities.

I look forward to giving you guidance and healing on your journey.

*I aim to deliver your reading in 24 hrs. If it is urgent then please select the urgent request.

I am a great believer in giving back from this work as a light worker with the Angels and yourself, therefore I donate to the endangered Angels of our oceans through the work of Richard O’Barry’s Dolphin Project which launched on Earth Day in 1970.

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Rose I thank you for your help I feel much better I hope what you told me we’ll came true thank you again.

Iris about listing YES OR NO Answer to One Question 7 days ago.

it resonates with my current situation and still gives me hope for the outcome im looking for.

thank you

Thank you for the reading very helpful